Monday, January 21, 2013

Trip through Tripura

I apologize for the delay in posting, we have been without internet access. Here's a post I wrote last week for you!

I spent the past week working my way across the Indian state of Tripura with Professor Seeber and students named Jonathan and Fayaz. Our very skilled driver, Suren, has been keeping us safe on challenging roads. We visited a series of big hills formed by rock that has been folded up into anticlines. We hop in and out of the car to make measurements on rock outcrops and to collect samples. When we find a quarry, we spend lots of time walking around measuring faults and rock layers.

It has been very foggy and chilly in the mornings. We have enjoyed delicious breakfasts of parata (flat bread), dal (lentils), ‘momlet’ (eggs), and cha (tea). It really hits the spot on a cold morning!

We’ve observed lots of exciting features including really tight folds in the rocks, rock bedding that has been tilted from horizontal to vertical, and fossil wood!

We visited the Unakoti archeological site where giant figures were carved into a nearly vertical bed of sandstone during the 9th-12th centuries. I even managed to find a place to measure the rock angle – right below large figures of Ganesha!

I have been working 7 days a week from about 6:30am until the sun sets around 5pm, but don’t worry we’re having fun and lots of adventure! I even got to try playing cricket with some middle schoolers during lunch one day.


  1. What do they usually put into the "momlets" besides eggs?

  2. Spicy 'momlets' have green chili peppers and onions. I'm not that brave first thing in the morning, so I usually ask for a plain momlet. Very tasty!